Merk: Covee
Model: 307.035
Excl. BTW: €31,41
Prijs in spaarpunten: 500

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11 inch.

Nieuwe serie Covee handschoenen voor BeeBall,  recreatie, beginners, en scholen.
- Buitenkant: Mesh + "pigskin-leather". (Zelfde materialen die de bekende merken gebruiken voor dit soort handschoenen).
- Gevoerd aan bovenkant vingers voor comfort.
- Zeer soepel en lichtgewicht: kan meteen mee gespeeld worden.
- Ideale handschoen voor recreatie of om het spelletje uit te proberen!
- Zeer duurzame jeugdhandschoen.

De Covee Rookie-Series is hetzelfde als de Easton ZFX-Series:

- Extended stall length and the "2-1-1" palm design gives the youth player more leverage when closing the glove.
- Z-Flex uses elastic strips on each side of the heel giving youngsters the softest, most flexible glove available when combined with ultra-soft leather.
- Grab All web is 40% bigger than regular webs offered in most youth gloves.
- Lock Down adjustable quick binding strap.

This Covee Rookie model is the same as the Easton ZFX, which is one of the best youth gloves on the market:

When talking about the best youth baseball glove, it’s impossible not to mention the Easton ZFX, as it’s one of the best in the business.
One of the more striking aspects of the ZFX is the 2-1-1 palm design and extra stall length that provides additional leverage during the game.
The basic process of making a baseball glove is the same, but the ZFX has changed things up a bit thanks to its proprietary Z-Flex gloves that makes it easy to squeeze, which is exactly what kids need.
A quick look at the gloves will also reveal that the gloves come with elastic strips on the palm, and it’s this feature that gives the ZFX its soft, flexible feel.
Another thing you’ll notice with the glove is that it’s significantly larger compared to others, and that’s definitely an advantage.
This not only makes catching balls easier but makes it ideal for beginners as well. This glove is great even for kids that don’t play baseball in an organized manner.
As far as quality goes this is as good as they come, and you can expect this to last for a long time even if your child wears this regularly. The palm padding is very good as well.