Merk: Easton
Model: 302.013
Excl. BTW: €33,06

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This Typhoon has an excellent hitting surface and sweetspot for a maximum hitting area. It also features Eastons exclusive new Blasting Cap that extends the barrel and enlarges the sweetspot of the bat for improved balance, sound and feel, and greater hitting performance across the board. This bat has a silver handle that fades into a black barrel and is made from Eastons 7046 alloy. The Typhoon offers a thin 31/32 inch tapered handle with a Pro-Tack cushioned leather grip that gives you the most comfort possible giving you the best swing. BESR certified 2 5/8 Inch barrel and -3 length to weight ratio.

Features of the Easton Typhoon: BK61 Adult
? -3 Length to Weight Ratio
? 2 5/8 Inch Barrel
? 7046 Alloy
? BESR Certified 2 5/8" barrel -3 Length to Weight Ratio
? Cushioned grip
? Paint and clear coat finish
? Thin 31/32 Inch Handle