Merk: Rawlings
Model: 302.130
Excl. BTW: €33,06
Prijs in spaarpunten: 1000

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The Rawlings Fuel offers high performance and durability.
The bat also gets a longer barrel with the X-Long barrel and a bigger sweet spot.
The Premium Grip gives you more traction on the handle allowing you to handle the bat with even more control.
Sue Lock End Plug.
The bat features a Diamond Blast finish giving it the cutting edge graphics.

?-3 Length to Weight Ratio
?2 5/8 Inch Barrel Diameter
?BESR Certified
?Aluminum Alloy
?Enlarged Sweet Spot
?Optimized Compression for 24% More Flex
?Perimeter Weighted Plug for 5% More Inertia to Drive Through Ball
?Premium wrap grip.